Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Khasi is a tribe that combines the Khynriams, Pnars, Bhois, Wars and the Lyngngams. The Khasis are believed to be descended from the Monkhmer group of people. They follow the matrilineal form of society.

Many people have the wrong notion that Matrilineal is the same as Matriarchal. Well, Matrilineal is where the woman is powerful and descend is traced from the mother. But she is concerned only with household matters. She is the inheritor of the property but, not the proprietress. Man is a master in war and peace. The woman is not allowed to take part in matters that concern politics. She looks after the well being of her family.

Whereas Matriarchal, is a society where a woman is all powerful. From descend to ownership and to politics, she's the master. 

The maternal uncle also plays an important role in the Khasi society. He's the mentor and leader of his family. He has vital roles in life and death. He performs the naming ceremony and if someone passes away he fulfills all responsibilities related to the funeral.

The Khasis do not marry within their clans. For cross or parallel cousins, it's a sin to even initiate a marrige between them. If any such things such happen then, a 'raibi' is sure to follow in that family. A 'raibi' is a transgression that continues for generations.

Also, the paternal side has an important role. They choose the name for the child during the naming ceremony.

Most of the educational institutes are run by Catholic Missionaries and they are exceptional. Many youngsters of today are not only blessed with valuable education but they're also becoming fine young men and young women.

St. Anthony's College is one of the renowned colleges in the region. It's a five star college and recently it was awarded the College of Exceptional Performance. Other colleges are the St. Edmund's College, St. Mary's College, Shillong College and Lady Keane College.