Ahh...... the restaurants in Yelapa, just one of the reasons to consider making this one of your favorite vacation destinations.  Here's the scoop on a half dozen top picks.

Cascada    Cascada2

Cascada Restaurant at the Village Waterfalls :   This is a wonderful destination for lunch, even at times when the waterfalls are barely a trickle.  Choose either the Mexican fare of the American-style breakfast.  Bacon and eggs are served with cool slices of fresh sliced fruit, and home cut fries.  With a pair of cervezas and two freshly squeezed orange juices, the tab of 165 peso's (Around $14.50 for both) is most reasonable.  The tranquility of the setting and the stroll through the jungle will truly fill up your senses.


Pollo Bollo    Pollo Bollo Meal

Pollo Bollo Restaurant in the Village:   Pollo Bollo opens for dinner only, several nights a week including weekends.  Go hungry!  The servings are huge, a half order (above) will usually satisfy most appetites.  The ribs and chicken are tender and just-right spicy, the baked beans are savory and you must save room for the delicious flan dessert.  Tremendous value, a half order of ribs is just 75 peso's or $7.50, a full order is under $10.  The pina coladas are some of the best in Yelapa.  Go early too, the place is always packed.


  Mimi's Cafe    Mimi's2    Mimis3

 Mimi's Cafe in the Village:  Breakfast - Lunch - Supper - all are equally delicious here.  For breaktast, try the fresh fruit waffle or an omelette, both are great.  Fresh squeezed OJ is a must.   Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter or catch of the day are always melt-in-your-mouth good.  There is often live entertainment here in the evening. Breakfast is typically $5 - $7,  Supper from $7 - $12. 


   CocoLoco    Nicolas   

 The Coco Bar on the Beach:  One of the best breakfasts on the beach, it is also one of the best values anywhere in Yelapa.   Although the Coca Bar is physically indistiguishable from any number of other beach restaurants, it is memorable for it's fresh and delicious food, icy cold beer and great Pina Coladas.  A full menu includes some American dishes as well as authentic Mexican fare.  Breakfast or lunch, $5 to $10.  You must try the Coco Loco's, complete with a lovely hibiscus blossom. Caution!  There's a lot of alcohol in this, drink one by yourself if you must but be forewarned!  Fruity and delicious.  Relax for hours in the lounge chairs by the ocean's edge and let Nicolas take good care of you.



 Manguito's Restaurant Up River:  This lovely restaurant is built overlooking the river on the path towards the school.  Newly renovated in 2007, the food continues to be some of the best in Yelapa.  Choose from distinctly Mexican dishes or American style, both types of food are fabulous.   This is one of the locals' favorites as well and another restaurant with exceptional value.




Yacht Club  On Beach in the Village:  Not at all a "yacht club," they're open for dinner only Wednesday and Saturday nights.  The restaurant has an exceptional menu and simply wonderful food.   The breaded fish fillet is phenominal as are any of the chicken dishes.  The restaurant is located near ocean's edge, the ambience is perfect and you can relax and enjoy a extraordinary meal and evening.  Music starts up in earnest around 9:30 or 10 pm for the regular "disco dance."  



Tres Amigos, Lagunita:  Dinner at Tres Amigos is a truly unique dining experience in Yelapa.  Individual, palapa-covered tables, soft candle light, gently swaying palm trees, great food, great service, fabulous pina colada’s and the rhythmic lapping of the waves make this one of the most romantic spots on earth.  The restaurant also serves a wonderful breakfast and as part of the Lagunita Hotel, is open all day.  It's just a little more upscale and a little pricier than most of the neighboring restaurants but it's very nice for that extra-special evening.