By plane:  Travelers who are interested in flying in to the Sandusky area have two airport options, neither of which is actually located in Sandusky.  The preferred airport is Cleveland Hopkins Airport.  The other option is the Toledo Express Airport .  Upon arrival at either of these airports, most visitors opt to get a rental car from one of the major national rental car companies located at the airport and then drive to their destination in Sandusky.  Many people ask if taxi's will drive from the airport to Sandusky.  Some will, but you will have better luck contacting Toms Cruz or Gatsby Transportation in Sandusky; they make daily runs to and from the Cleveland airport.

By car:  Visitors who are getting a rental car at the airport, as well as visitors who are driving to Sandusky from other parts of he United States, are going to need to know the Ohio Turnpike in order to get in to the area.  The Ohio Turnpike is also Interstate 80 and I-90, and visitors may travel east or west on this highway depending on their point of origin.  Route 2 is also an option that runs paralell with the Lake.

By boat: Though it is not common, some visitors do make the trip to Sandusky via boat, using Lake Erie as a means of reaching the area.   Information about this option is available at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website.