In an age obsessed with terrorist machinations, it is no surprise that there is a plethora of books regarding the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Building, which happened over a decade ago.  Curious?  Check out the Official Record of the Oklahoma City Bombing from Oklahoma Today , or Forever Changed: Remembering Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995 , by Marsha Knight, whose daughter died in the building that day.  This is only the tip of the iceberg for the dozens of book on McVeigh, terrorism, the Murrah Memorial, and conspiracy theory books available for the real crime reader.

For more pleasant and practical pieces on the city, look into the travel guides and historical works.  “OKC—The Wild, Wild MIDWest” and “Bricktown’s Best in OKC” are solid, short starting places for learning where to go and what to see while in town.  Quality guidebooks include Out on the Town, Travel Guide: Oklahoma City, part of the Out on the Town, Inc. series.  

When it comes to the history of the city, Terry Griffith’s two part contribution to the Images of America series, Oklahoma City: Statehood to 1930 and Oklahoma City: 1930-Millenium are affordable paperback peeks in into the entire history of the state’s capital.  Between Griffith’s books and the pieces on practical recommendations for travel to the city, one can wade through to terrorist texts into more positive territory.