Tulsa International Airport has just undergone a massive expansion and upgrade for security.  Navigation through the airport is faster and easier than most cities of it's size.  Currently operating with two concourses, the new center section security has greatly solved delays in making it to your flight ontime.

New restaurants and shops are opening daily inside the airport, as well as new more comfortable seating and gate areas.  The parking has also been improved and provides easy loading and unloading for passengers right by the baggage claim and outgoing gates.  New hotels are being built near the airport for those travellers just passing through.

The airport is actually located in the north part of town, but accessible via several highways in all directions -  State Highway 75 from the north and south, and Interstate 244 and 44 which dissect Tulsa.  Getting to and from the airport unless during rush hour, can be accomplished in usually less than 30 minutes, from anywhere in the city proper.  Ground transportation is not difficult due to the numerous taxi companies, free shuttles to the major hotels in town, and rental car properties adjacent to the airport.  In addition, Tulsa International has wonderful Volunteer Airport staff seated right near baggage claim who are there to answer any questions you might have.  One thing is for sure.  Tulsa is a friendly city, and you'll find that even at the airport you'll feel welcomed.  For further questions about what airlines fly into Tulsa, etc. please check out http://www.tulsaairports.com