Cannon Beach is a very safe place to visit.  It is a very small town with a population of about 1,700 people. The town is much busier than that due to the large number of visitors daily throughout the year, and of course particularly during summer.

            Cannon Beach is one of the most upscale towns on the entire Oregon coast. They have an excellent police department with officers on duty 24 hours a day. The ratio of officers to population is about three times greater than the Oregon average. According to the recent crime statistics (for the year 2008) this town is exceptionally safe, and violent crime is nearly unheard-of, as there were zero instances during 2008.

            However, in any unfamiliar area, it is generally recommended that one avoid walking alone at night, and some people prefer to  follow that suggestion in Cannon Beach as well.  If you are worried about walking at night and staying with a group is not an option, try to remain in lighted areas or take other modes of transportation, such as your own vehicle or the local free shuttle bus.  

            There were less than 20 instances of petty theft in Cannon Beach during 2008, but it's a good idea to lock your vehicle when you park it in town, and don't leave your camera or other valuables in your car.

            Many people visit Cannon Beach for the water activities, and with this comes certain inherent dangers.  There are strong undertows and rip currents that take the lives of a few people every year. In addition, remember that the Pacific Ocean waters are very cold - year round - averaging between 45-58 degrees.  Use caution when swimming.  Visit the Beach Safety Page provided by the Cannon  Beach Chamber and Information Center, for useful tips and important general rules.

            For minor medical problems, there is a clinic in Cannon Beach, located in Sandpiper Square, although hours are limited. The nearest hospital is 8 miles away in Seaside.