With an average yearly temperature of 54 degrees, Eugene appears to have the perfect climate. And for the most part, this is true.

But visiting in the winter can test even the toughest. Rainy season is late October through late May and sometimes into June. Expect anything from a persistent drizzle to a frog-strangling winter storm, and when it lets up, often a gray mist lingers. Snow and/or ice occur most years, usually in January or February, however, snow amounts are minimal and it often melts within a day or two. Winter also may bring dense valley fog to Eugene - cold and dank. If you're visiting in the winter, bring an umbrella (though you'll see many locals bearing it unprotected) , wear layers of clothing, and always have a waterproof jacket handy! 

If you're interested in the outdoor day trips around Eugene, perhaps spring is the best season. Rivers are full with mountain run off, wildflowers cover surrounding hills, and rain is less likely. Spring temperatures are mild and usually pleasant.

Summers are quite warm and dry, sometimes with thunderstorms in the Cascade mountains to the east during the hottest months of July and August. Average highs for June typically are in the lower to upper 70s. July and August boast average highs in the low to mid 80s with very little rain. Heat waves hit Eugene a couple of times each summer for a few days at a time, and can drive temperatures up into the upper 90's or even into the 100's on the valley floor.

Fall is very pleasant as the summer heat dies down. The days begin to get shorter, and there is a nip in the air most evenings. Frosty nights begin sometime in October. The leaves on deciduous trees turn handsome shades of red, yellow and orange then slowly drop off. The many conifer trees around Eugene remain green and fresh all year long.

On the western side of the coastal mountains, the rain makes for green all year long so you can always expect spectacular views.  The ocean is about an hour west via two lane Hwy 126 to Florence. Most people consider it  too cold to swim in even in the summer, so bring a wetsuit (and sunscreen in the summer), and always expect wind.

The elements work on all levels in this part of the country, but this is what makes it one of the most lush, gorgeous, inspiring, and awe-inducing destinations.