Visitors to the Central Coast should not miss the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The dunes stretch for about 40 miles along the coast between Coos Bay and Florence. They are the largest coastal dunes in North America.

There are many ways to experience the dunes and one of the most popular is seeing them from an ATV or dune buggy. There are three areas that are set aside for the enjoyment of motorized vehicles. The largest is located just north of North Bend and is called "Spinreel to Horsfall" area. Next to the north is Winchester Bay, which has the tallest dunes in the entire area. Finally, the Siltcoos/South Jetty area is just a mile or so south of the town of Florence.

Since the entire dunes area is multi-use and open to all, motorized vehicles are required to stay within those specific areas above, and riders must obey all directional and restrictive signs.

Near Florence, there are three companies which provide dune buggy tours of the dunes, Sandland, Sand Dunes Frontier and Sand Master Park. The first two companies offer a variety of tours in various sizes of vehicles, ranging from 4 seaters up to 20 seaters. Sand Master Park operates 5 seater sand rails for a family tour or extreme tour on their own private dunes. Sand dune tours are suitable for people of all ages, as the ride is not jarring or rough. The operators will tailor their tours to their passengers.

Nearer to Coos Bay, Spinreel Adventures also offers tours. If you're ready to tackle the biggest dunes, Dune Buggy Adventures in Winchester Bay has a variety of rental ATVs.

Sandboarding is another activity that has become popular on the dunes. Sandboarding is similar to snow boarding but it involves sliding down the sand instead of snow. Sandboarding can be done year round and is attractive to a wider age range because sand is quite soft should you fall. Sand Master Park, in Florence, offers a full range of sandboards and sled for rent as well as lessons from certified sandboard instructors. Sand Master Park

If hiking is more to your liking, the dunes are spectacular to get out and walk on. There are many walking and hiking trails, in a variety of lengths, from easy to more difficult. Some trails wind through cedar and hemlock trees and past marshes. "Tree islands" are an interesting feature - they are a cluster of trees on a hummock or hill, surounded by sand. Many of the trails feature ocean views and access to the beach. For more information about all the trails: 

The Western Snowy Plover nests in the areas between the dunes and the ocean. Since it is a threatened species, some dune areas are closed to all activities for several months of the year. Signs are posted where access is restricted.

Camping is a popular activity in the Oregon dunes, and there are many campgrounds within the 40 mile stretch.  Campground amenities differ with location; many are relatively primitive and unsuitable for larger RVs. However, Winchester Bay offers several RV parks near the dunes, with safe, patrolled ATV access to the dunes along  the wide verdge of a  paved street. There is even one horse camp, located two miles north of North Bend, called "Wild Mare" Horse Camp, that has 12 horse corrals. It is accessible for RVs with trailers and pickups with gooseneck horse trailers up to about 50 feet overall length.

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