The Oregon Coast Aquarium is one of the most popular attractions on the Oregon Coast.  It is located in South Beach, just across the Yaquina Bridge from Newport. Parking is plentiful and suitable for RVs.

There are six main sections of the aquarium, which include both indoor and outdoor displays. 

"Passages of the Deep" displays many marine animals and offers a unique experience. Visitors walk through a clear acrylic tunnel, surrounded by water and sea life all around. It gives one the feeling of walking through the sea - but without getting wet!  Outside the east end of the tube, an interesting beak whale skeleton is suspended overhead.

Another popular exhibit is the sea otters, with both above and below water viewing areas. These engaging creatures love to play, and the staff provides many types of toys for them.

To get up close to seals and sea lions, visit their outdoor water habitat, which also includes underwater viewing. They often interact with visitors, especially children. The sea bird aviary is home to a number of sea bird species, and the exhibit includes both the rocky coastline and seawater pools.  

The aquarium has a permanent display of jellyfish ("jellies" for short) , suspended within clear acrylic tanks that stretch from floor to ceiling. It is interesting to see the ethereal, delicate creatures gliding slowly past.

Every year, special displays are offered, highlighting a particular type of habitat.

The many guides and volunteers at the aquarium will be happy to answer any of your questions.  The docents are volunteers from the community and are very skilled and trained regarding the details of the marine life here.  There is also a touch tank that give visitors the opportunity to actually feel some of the marine life, such as sea anemones. The aquarium is open every day of the year except Christmas Day - December 25th.