For the best way to experience the vast and unique beer culture of Portland check out one of several companies that provide tours:

Brewpub and Brewery Tours:  This is a business that conducts small, very affordable, boutique style tours of several of the best breweries and brewpubs in Portland. Tours are conducted by real brewing professionals and are very informative and educational. Eco-friendly tours are conducted by using the Tri-Met light rail and trolley system, the finest in the U.S.. Taste many different styles of beer plus discuss the ingredients and brewing processes. Samples of grains, hops and yeast are examined and discussed. It is like "beer college on rails". Learn the history of some of the famous buildings housing the breweries. Track and score your favorites with a custom scoring sheet. Tours are very affordable (under $30) and last approx. 5 hours visiting a minimum of 4 breweries/pubs (usually 5 - 6) . An excellent way to spend a fun and relaxing afternoon in the beautiful core of Portland.   Brewvana is committed to embracing the history and culture of the brewing industry in Portland by introducing people to the vast selection of beer that Portland has to offer. This one-of-a kind tour experience includes transportation to and from Portland’s award winning breweries as well as the smaller, upcoming breweries on a little white short bus. The all inclusive tour also provides lots of beer samples, food, meet and greet with the brewer, tours of the facility, trivia and more. There are weekly public tours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons that visit 3-4 breweries per tour. You must register online to book your seat. Whether you are an ameteur imbiber or a ceravisaphile, you will be guaranteed to reach "brewvana" : the euphoric state of awareness, appreciation and love for Portland's finest craft beer.  This great tour includes four to five hours per tour, and between 15 and 25 tastings. Tours are reasonably priced and may be reserved online. The on-board guide gives a fun, educational tour of Portland, the history of craft brewing, and more. Participants will receive a personal sampling scorecard to help them keep track of the all the beers. It's the “College of Brew Knowledge.” Try to pass the test and earn your souvenir diploma!  Eco-tours of Oregon is an independent tour company that offers tours in different parts of Oregon. The microbrewery tour offers evening tours of small groups, usually between 6:30 and 10:00 pm.  Door-to-door service is included and breweries may include Widmer, Portland Brewing Company, Full Sail or others. Additional breweries can be added on for a very reasonable cost.  While sampling the various brews, participants learn about the differences in brewing lagers versus ales, how beer is made, brewing history and the evolution of brewing. If you enjoy traveling around in a customized 4x4 vehicle, this tour, available five days a week, will fit the bill.  If your group has eight or more members, a personalized and private tour is available.  Breweries include many of the best known and oldest in Portland.