Safety is a big part of life in Hershey. The town thrives on tourists and family-friendly visitors. If the tourists felt unsafe or were not comfortable, then the community would fail. Because of this, you will find that Hershey is a very safe and friendly town. The people who live there year round are wonderful and extremely helpful to visitors. There is a low crime rate in the area, and the majority of crimes that take place are petty misdemeanors like parking violations. Hershey is a great place to bring a family for a vacation, and you do not have to worry about keeping your family safe or out of trouble. There is obviously less to do in the town at night, especially later on, so you should avoid just wandering around on your own to avoid suspicion and the chances of getting into an accident. Hershey is a smaller town that is pretty close-knit, so if you will be drinking, try to avoid making a ruckus and bothering the townspeople. There are also small children that play and go to the amusement park here, so try to not scare or intimidate them if you are with an older crowd. This will help keep you out of the watch of local police enforcement.