Hershey is situated in the central, Capitol region of Pennsylvania. The region consists of the state capitol, Harrisburg and surrounding communities. This Appalachian area receives a regular amount of moisture throughout the year. The month-to-month precipitation varies from 2-5 inches. The rain is heaviest from April to May  therefore, it is advisable to store an umbrella for outdoor activities in Hershey like Hershey Park.

Hershey  experiences 4 seasons with the following average temperatures:
  • Fall
    • 68º
  • Winter
    • 40º
  • Spring
    • 64º
  • Summer
    • 80º
The humidity in Pennsylvania ranges from mild to heavy indexes in any season. In the Summer, the warm temperatures draw the largest number of tourists to Hershey, PA. May or June are the ideal months for Hershey Park visitors. The weather will not reach its hottest point and the crowds are manageable in these months.

September and October are fitting months for people less interested in the amusement park. The fall weather begins to cool significantly in October. Hershey Park in the Dark   opens for three weekends and celebrates Halloween. Snow falls usually produce up to 2 feet of snow, but the charm of Hershey continues after the park closes. Stroll the park for a low Winter fee in Candylane , a Hershey Park Christmas full of 600 illuminated displays and animation.