Hershey is in reality a small farm community with a large amusement park and surrounding community. Because of this, you won't really be able to find many high-end shops like Versace or Gucci. However, there are some smaller malls that have plenty of shops that you can find almost anywhere you go. These include sporting goods shops, shoe stores, and other popular shops like Abercrombie, Aeropostale, and American Eagle. If you are near the amusement park, you will be able to go to the gift shop and get some great souvenirs to remember your trip. This can range from anything from shirts saying Hershey, PA, to beer mugs sporting the same logo. Prices can sometimes be hiked up in or around the park, but if you go to a local store in town that sells almost the same merchandise, it can be much cheaper. The area around Hershey also has some great small shops that sell antiques and other little gadgets that are great add-ons to a house.