The Wiltshire Museum is a great place to start a visit to Stonehenge and the surrounding area.  It is really exciting to be able to see the objects that were found in Bush barrow in the museum's Bronze age gallery and then to go and see the barrow itself at Stonehenge.  The gallery includes objects excavated from a number of barrows and sites in the area.  The workmanship of some of the objects is truely exquisite, and its great to be able to see them locally in Wiltshire. 

The museum has a series of galleries which illustrate Wiltshire life from the Neolithic right up to the Second World War.  The collections include some wonderful items such as the stained glass window by Piper and the collection of Bellarmine bottle, and some curiousities such as the witch bottle from Seend and the Shaman from Upton Lovel.

 The galleries include materials and activities specially designed for children, which make it a fun place to visit.  There is also a small shop with a mixture of books, cards, children's toys and gift items.