Pittsburgh is a truly international city. In the last two centuries, first Western and then Eastern Europeans, Asians (Chinese, Filipino, Koreans Japanese), Latin Americans (Argentinians, Venezuelans ,Mexicans among other nationalities) and Africans (from Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Sudan Sierra Leona) have come to Pittsburgh to contributed to the city’s cosmopolitan identity.

If you have any doubt about the international diversity of the city, check the variety of ethnic festivals : the Annual Pittsburgh Folk Festival with ethnic music, food and a market that sells goods from all over the world; the Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, honoring Medieval England; the Annual Italian Summer Festival, and the Annual Irish Festival in September, just to name some.

Today, people from all over the world are welcomed and the City of Pittsburgh continues its efforts to secure that every foreigner finds his or her place in the community. There are organizations such as the Global Pittsburgh Connection that introduces newcomers to the city's resources and provides information about employment, education, housing, places to learn English.

Many ethnic-based organizations organize arts events, feature regional performances, host radio programming, theater performances, university research areas in order to preserve their original culture, maintain connections with their countries of origin and share their culture with Pittsburgh citizenship. Some of these organizations are: Umoja African Arts Company, The Hispanic Center, Scottish Country Dance Society among many, many others.