With a resident population under three thousand, Strasburg is on the map mostly due to its choo-choo virtues, as the culture, history , and major attractions of this town have all been carried away in rail cars, museums, and stores.  

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
exhibits endless displays of railroad artifacts, having as its mission to educate the public to the full impact trains have had on America’s past.  Showing off more than one hundred cars and locomotives from the last two hundred years, including a collection of Monopoly-famed Pennsylvania Railroad, the Museum is the jumping point onto a long ride of train attractions.

For a shrunken version of the above, check out the National Toy Train Museum .  Housed in the simulation of a vintage station, the building buzzes and hums with the movements of hundreds of electric trains, the cars of which have been built by all sorts of manufacturers and placed in a wide variety of layouts.

Tired of just looking?  Well, you could operate a toy train yourself or take a ride on the oldest short-line in the U.S., the Strasburg Railroad , a steam locomotive that tours the agriculture communities of Lancaster County, bothering the Amish as they work away in the fields before stopping at numerous restaurants and shops.

The Choo Choo Barn , located near the three attractions above, provides visitors more train-training, educating them with figures and model vehicles and engines.

Outside of everything rail, the Rockvale Square Outlets is an excellent shopping center, good for the days during which poor visibility or winter weather render rides and barns less desirable, or operable.