There is lots of online reading applicable to the attractions in Strasburg, especially since most all of them circle the same thematic tracks.

Start with articles from Rand McNally, Frommer’s, and the New York Times—all regarding the train town— here .

The Toy Train Museum provides gobs of knowledge on its subject , with an additional set of links to everything train or toy train related—manufacturers, interest sites, the homepages for various train attractions, etc…
is the online portal for five rail rags that, taken together, explore railroad news, toy/model developments and updates, and other interests of trained enthusiasts.  The five magazines offered here are Model Railroader, Trains, Classic Trains, Classic Toy Trains, and Garden Railways.

Books worth checking out include the likes of The Road to Paradise: The Story of the Rebirth of the Strasburg Railroad by William M. Moedinger and Trains of the Pennsylvania Dutch country: Pennsylvania, Reading, Western Maryland, Strasburg, Stewartstown, Maryland & Pennsylvania, Wanamaker Kempton & Southern, and Others by John D Denney.

And, of course, for those who desire more general loco leisure, there are enough of these books to fill shelves and shelves.