Traversing this train town by foot would not be wise, unless you plan on staying, and not venturing from, downtown Strasburg.  Though quaint, limiting yourself to this central area would prevent your laying of tracks to some of the best rail exhibits and attractions that the city boasts.

These museums and rides
are basically unreachable without a car.  Most of Lancaster County consists of farms (some famous as Amish communities) and, ironically, there is little in the way of public rail in the area, aside from an Amtrak stop in Lancaster itself.

Most Strasburg museums, however, are not far from Lancaster , a locale replete with air, taxi, and rental car service.  Take the state Turnpike to Exit 286, and, from there, US 222 south to 30 east to 896 south to Strasburg.

Rental car companies servicing Strasburg include Avis, Enterprise, Dollar, Hertz, and Budget.  Major cab companies, such as Yellow Cab, Friendly Taxi, and Friendly Messenger Service, are housed out in Lancaster and should be able to shuttle you back and forth, track to track via asphalt and pavement.