Wilkes Barre is a pretty safe city. There are some criminals, like you would expect to find in any city, but overall there is no reason to fear for your health or your safety. The police force in the city is very good at dealing with problems, and they are always willing to help anyone that needs assistance. As for your health, there really is no reason why you should be concerned. This is a clean city, and there is no problem with sanitation or sewage. If there are ever any problems, clean-up crews show up very quickly to fix the situation. This is also a city with several colleges in a close vicinity. Because of this, there is a bigger nightlife than in surrounding areas and with that comes more drinking. Though a lot of college students go out drinking, you shouldn't really have to worry about it. The students in the city don't really party too hard, and they are pretty respectful of the people who live and work in the city. There aren't too many problems, and this is a great place to take a family.