How best to lower the price of a trip to beautiful Block Island? 

Visit off season

High season on the island runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  The Shoulder seasons are from April 15-Memorial Day and from Labor Day to Columbus Day.  Off season is considered Columbus Day to Memorial Day.

The least expensive time to stay will be in the off season.  The downside to this is that many of the shops and restaurants, though by no means all, are closed during that point.

For this reason, one may want to try booking a room in the shoulder season.  The shoulder season, especially in the fall, can be just beautiful.  Most islanders will tell you that September and October are their favorite months of the year.  All of the shops and restaurants are still open, the water is still warm from the summer, the crowds are gone and the island is pure heaven.

Rent a room with a shared bathroom

Shared bathrooms are a thing of the past; a hold out from the time at which most of the old Block Island hotels were built.  Rooms with a shared bath are not uncommon on Block Island, and they are often half the price of a room with a private bath.  Bring your flip flops and a bathrobe and be prepared to shuttle your toiletries back and forth, but with the right mindset, there's nothing to it. 

When making your reservation, ask the inn how many bedrooms share the bathroom, if there is a sink in your room and if the hotel has an additional outdoor shower.  Usually only two or three rooms share a bathroom and there are rarely problems.

If you are traveling with two or three couples, ask to have all the rooms that share the bathroom.  This way, you are sharing with's cheaper and cozier.

Bring your own bike

If you have a way to transport your bike to the ferry on the mainland, this is a much less expensive way to get around the island.  Bike rentals are available on island but the prices are high.  Don't forget your helmet!

Pack some snacks and drinks

If you don't mind carrying the extra luggage, you may want to pack some of your favorite snacks and a bottle of wine or spirits to save yourself a few dollars.  Prices are necessarily higher for everything on an island.  It may not be worth it to pack a lot of beer or water, but if you like wine or a particular liquor, you may want to bring it along. 

Read Menus ahead of time...Love the Take outs and the airport diner.

There is no way to avoid it, eating out on island is expensive.  Be sure to read the menu at any restaurant before sitting down at a table, just to be sure there is something you will like and that it is in your budget.  Some of the take out places will go a little easier on your wallet though.  A few places to try:

For lunch, the concession stand at the beach is pretty reasonable and you just can't beat the view. 

Three Sisters is an island favorite and their sandwiches are huge so you can share one and still have room for one of their amazing home baked cookies.,

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can't beat Rebecca's on Water Street. 

The deli counter at the Block Island Grocery is another islander favorite; Gary and his staff make delicious sandwiches to go that are more reasonable and tastier than some of the more expensive sandwich shops nearby. 

For breakfast, grab a muffin, croissant or scone from the "day old" basket at the Bagel Shop...just as good and almost half the price.   

The take out window at Finn's is pretty reasonable and you can either eat the food there or take it to go.

Bethany's Airport Diner is a wonderful little place with an unusual view.  Sit outside if weather allows and eat grilled cheese, burgers or a hot dog while you watch the planes land.