The majority of festivals in Narragansett take place in the warm months of late spring through early fall with the Christmas exception. Festivals revolving around the water are of course, a major theme.

A classic festival for the city is the Autumn Harvest Faire which takes place at the South County Museum in late September. The fair shows off craft makers such as blacksmiths and carpenters, has music concerts, food galore and a lot more.  

Also in September but in the middle of the month is the Kite Festival which is a grand competition that includes kite-making lessons for children.

Around the same time is a fabulous party, the Summer's End Festival. The weekend is full of entertainment, food specialties such as a chowder fest, a surfing competition, rides and more. It is a great weekend to plan on visiting.

Check with a Rhode Island tourist board calendar for more updates; the summer is full of activities such as surfing competitions and all else that involves the water. Aerobic and yoga classes are often times also done on the beach; ask your hotel about programs running during your stay.