People looking to read more about Columbia have plenty of resources to choose from. For background information on the area, plus current-day attractions, visit the website of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce ,  and the website of SCIWay (South Carolina Information Highway).

For more in-depth information on the history of the area, pick up “South Carolina, A History,” by Walter Edgar. This book presents a chronicle of the state’s illustrious and sometimes infamous past, from the first Spanish exploration to the end of the Civil War.

For a grasp of the culture and traditions of the area, take a look at “Shared Traditions: Southern History and Folk Culture,” by Charles W. Joyner. This book covers a broad spectrum of southern folkgroups, folklore expressions, and major themes of southern history, including antebellum society, slavery, and the Civil War.

For a glimpse into the local cuisine, check out “Down by the Water: A Collection of Recipes,” by the Junior League of Columbia, SC. This top-notch cookbook contains seasonal menus, a wine overview, and a resources guide for ordering stone-ground grits and other unique ingredients.