A Brief History of Greenville, SC

The city of Greenville started in the 1770’s as a trading post with the Indians and resort for the people of the Lowcountry to escape the heat and humidity of the Summer.  The land around the courthouse was to be called Pleasantburg, but the residents always refered to it as Greenville.  The first half of the 1800’s brought slow but steady progression, a number of homes and a few churches remain from this ante-bellum period.  The 1870’s brought the textile industry to life with the weaving of cotton by 1902 there were 14 mills bring much prosperity.  Later being called the "Textile Center of the South" and then "Textile Center of the World".  The Hampton-Pinckney area is the oldest residential neigborhood still intact.  It was not until the 1950’s that Greenville began to diversify its economic structure.