Greenville, South Carolina has a long baseball history that started in 1907 with the entrance into the South Carolina State League. They chose the unusual name of Greenville Eskimos, perhaps because it was a typically sweltering summer day and they were thinking wishfully. In 1908, the Eskimos chilled out and became the Greenville Spinners, though they didn't sing, they played ball. The team's early years of playing found them coming this close to series championships, though they never quite hit the nail (or in this case, the bat) on the head.

Between 1973 and 1984, there were no Spinners until the city became an affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. The team's name was changed by default and has played in Greenville's Municipal Stadium ever since. Nolan Ryan was the Greenville Brave's pitcher for the 1966 season and, further back in its history, was Shoeless Joe Jackson, who was one of Greenville's own. Shoeless Joe Jackson Memorial Ball Park was named in his  honor. Many may remember the movie, Field of Dreams, which was partially inspired by Shoeless Joe's banishment from baseball in 1919, after he was accused of taking part in the Black Sox Scandal. 

The Municipal Stadium was built in 1984, and its team consistenly draws crowds upwards of 200,000 every year. Greenville also has a minor league team, called Greenville Drive to reflect the area's auto industry. Look here for their game schedule.

Grrreenville Grrrowl is Grrreenville's grrreat hockey team. Their home is at the Bi-Lo Center, a sports and entertainment center located on North Academy Street in downtown Greenville, which seats over 15,000 people. It also hosts basketball games, and concerts for the physically disinclined. 

Yes, Greenville is proud of  its sports heritage and its various teams.