Locklear's is a medium-sized restaurant in Mount Pleasant, located between Shem Creek and Patriot's Point.  It is located in a shopping center, holding the end/corner unit and has it's entrance on the corner of the building. 

ATMOSPHERE: When you first walk in, the bar is shielded by a wall of art (left) and there is a hostess stand to the right, behind which is a large, impeccably clean fish tank. Most of the diners eat at booths, and in some ways this restaurant looks like a medium/upscale diner. 

CLIENTELE: Most of the clientele are locals, and many are 50's and older, but of course there is a mix of visitors and ages. 

MENU: The menu consists of lots of local food (shrimp, scallops, misc. types of fish) made many different ways, such as in cream sauces over pasta, grilled, fried, etc.  There are chicken and beef selections as well, and even vegetarian meals (see below). They are also open to making adjustments to the style of cooking to suit your needs, which was appreciated. (for example, if you don't like scallops but fancy the shrimp and scallops pasta dish, they can give you all shrimp instead). 

 VALUE: Wow - all of the pasta dishes are a good value (most in the $9 range) and even the special of the day rarely exceeds $16.  They have an amazing dish called the Eggplant Tower that's around $11 - excellent dish.  Salads are good and the dessert menu looks great, too.  Generous portions of food, well-seasoned and tasty.

SERVICE: Really great service.  Friendly, down-to-earth (not snooty) and genuinely interested in you as a customer.