The major tourist season in Deadwood is during the summertime.  Tourists begin arriving in the area during Memorial Day weekend and generally come through steadily throughout the summer, slowing down around Labor Day weekend.  Because this is the major tourist time, this is when the most activity is happening in the area.  Travelers seeking to enjoy the major attractions and active entertainment life of the area will want to come during this time.  (Information about Deadwood events taking place throughout the year is available at or .)  However, this is also the time when rates may be highest and summer trips to Deadwood should generally be planned in advance to avoid excessive costs.

The rainy season in Deadwood is generally in late spring, with May and June usually being the rainiest months of the year.  Summer temperatures in Deadwood can be quite warm.  Average high temperatures during the hottest months of summer are approximately ninety degrees and may feel much warmer because humidity at this time can hover just under ninety percent.  Most people who visit the area during the summer spend a bulk of their time inside the air conditioned casinos and museums during the day to avoid the heat.  Updated weather information and a long range weather forecast for the Deadwood area are available online at .