Travelers often rent cars (or drive their personal vehicles) to get to the Deadwood area; however, upon arrival in the area, it is not generally necessary to drive.   Most of the local hotel accommodations are located within walking distance of the major attractions.   Casinos, in particular, are easily accessed by walking, as they are located within the hotels which are all relatively close to one another.   (More information on the casinos is located at .)
Visitors who do not wish to walk but also would prefer to avoid driving in the area can take the local trolley to most destinations.   The trolley stops at the major hotels as well as numerous attractions throughout Deadwood.   Trolley schedules vary depending on the season.   The major tourist season in Deadwood is the summertime (see for more information about when to go to Deadwood); during this time the trolley runs frequently.   Travel is slightly less frequent and hours are shorter during the winter months; however the trolley is still useful at this time.   The fare for the trolley is only fifty cents per ride making this an inexpensive travel option in the area.   Updated schedules are posted throughout Deadwood on the reverse side of the Trolley Stop signs.