For shopping, try out the following. Really enjoyable.

  • World Market and Pier One at the Hamilton Place Mall area.

World Market is diverse in the products they carry which ranges from some furniture to different kinds of candy to kitchen place settings to odds and ends toys.  Lots of household goods like paper lanterns, cookware, stacks of desk filing organizers, glasses, soaps, windchimes, etc. Pier One usually always has discounted products all thru-out the store  and of course they carry household items like dining ware, curtains, furniture, candles, odds and ends for your house, you name it. 

  • The shops at Chattanooga Choo-Choo  

Even if you don't stay there you can go and shop. They have a nice gift shop w/reasonable prices cheaper than one would usually come across. Then you can walk down the walkway alongside the traincars guests stay in and shop at the shops.  You can also tour their gardens all right there together. If it's not raining, they even have an electric trolley where you pay a small fee to tour the grounds.

  • Northshore area behind the Aquarium, across the river.

Good for shopping, but a little pricey though.  You can either walk the pedestrian bridge right onto the main street where the shops are or drive across the river and park at Coolidge Park or find one on the street.  If walking, it's a long walk. Drive and park and you're right there at it.  You can tour the Delta Queen Riverboat while you're there. Go from 11-2 and there is no fee. Wait till after 4:30pm and pay a fee to have a guided tour but you really don't need one. You might find an employee around who would be willing to show you some of the rooms of this neat riverboat hotel.