The Worm Hole (Poll na bPeist) can be reached by following the road out to Dun Aengus and then heading to the small town land of Gort na gCapall, a small boreen will then take you out to the base of the cliffs where you can walk long the limestone pavement passing salty rock pools until you reach the precipice which overlooks The Worm Hole.

The Worm Hole is a rectangular shaped natural geological formation and as the tide ebbs in and out the water rushes up and down the sides from a cave underneath The Worm Hole, years of this practice have worn rivlets into the sides of the feature giving the impression of loads of tiny waterfalls! This is best seen when the tide is coming in or when the sea is rough. 

Curiously, Tim Robinson in his book Stones of Aran: Pilgrimage writes, "One of the most curious features of this, Aran's most striking natural curiosity, is that there is no legend attached to it"

Extra care should be taken when walking across the limestone pavements which can be very slippy when wet.