Studland and in particular Knoll Beach is a wonderful place for family's at any time of the year. The sand is fantastic, the sea ideal for toddlers and dogs are welcome but with sensible restrictions.

 At Knoll Beach the shop and cafe are delightful and packed with good quality 'things' They have the best selection of walking books in Dorset. The staff are great and the overall level of service is very good.

The beach stretches along facing the Isle of Wight.Old and Harry Rocks and is a glorious slice of a four-mile stretch of golden, sandy beach, with gently shelving bathing waters and views of the boats coming and going.

The whole area is Ideal for water sports and if this floats your boat the most popular naturist beach in Britain. For those of a nervous disposition the naturist beach is a mile or so away from any of the car parks. Also where else can you hire a pedalo for £8 per half hour.

 Knoll Beach is just the best place for a lazy (not with grand kids!) day in the traditional manner of great English summer holidays.