Children play to learn and adults learn to play again at The Children’s Museum of Memphis. Packed with quality informal learning experiences that are both fun and educational, the hands-on, interactive exhibits allow children to discover science, math, health, art and more – in a fun new way. Bring your imagination and create memories to last a lifetime!

Children take to the air in Going Places. There’s a flight simulator, air traffic control tower, hot air balloon, wind tunnel and a real airplane cockpit to explore. Kids go on a trip down the Mississippi River in WaterWORKS! Experiment with the flow of water in a 50-foot model of the mighty river, build a bridge, study real honeybees and see it “rain” inside. Learn how your body works in Growing Healthy. Climb through the arteries of a giant heart, ride a bicycle on Mars or the Great Wall of China , and perform surgery in a hospital. Visual and performing arts are explored in Art Smart. Become a “star” on stage, paint, sculpt and draw in the art studio, and weave colorful patterns on a loom.

Cityscape is a miniature city for children. Climb aboard a real fire engine, become a dentist, go through a vertical maze, shop for groceries, drive a van, exercise by dancing, cash a check and more. Special traveling exhibits are featured every 3-4 months. Call 901-458-2678 or visit for details.