There are quite a few different arcades in Pigeon Forge that are suited for kids or the big kid in everyone.

Rockin' Raceway on the main Parkway (2839 Parkway) is a really good example. They offer many forms of entertaining games such as:

Traditional carnival games:

  • Skee ball ~ an old childhood favorite for many.
  • Water pistol games ~ a race to move the object to the top of the game as fast as possible by shooting the water into a labeled target.
  • Bowling ball push ~ simple ticket game where you have to push the ball just hard enough to get over one hill but not hard enough to go past the next one.

Sports themed games:

  • Basketball shoot-outs
  • Baseball throws
  • Soccer ball kicks
  • Air Hockey & Pool Tables
  • Daytona 500 and other car racing games

Musical/Dance games:

  • Dance, Dance Revolution ~ a big hit among the teenage crowd.
  • Drum kit simulations ~ much like Dance, Dance Revolution, but with drums.

They also have several other ticket games such as slot machines and claw machines. You can also keep your ticket vouchers and add them to any future visits to get a better prize.

The Track is another family fun center in Pigeon Forge (2575 Parkway). They offer arcade games, go-carts, themed miniature golf, bungee jumping, and bumper cars. They have an area called "Kids Country" that has several rides suitable for younger children (3-8 yrs old). They also have several different Birthday packages for that special Birthday Boy or Girl.

Lazerport Fun Center is located on the main Parkway (2782 Parkway) in between traffic lights #3 and #4 and is primarily a laser tag venue, housing the areas two most popular laser tag arenas; however, there is a 10,000 ft. arcade on the premise as well as an indoor black light miniature golf course, a pizza restaurant and 43 ft. high roller coaster style go carts . They offer half price tickets, unlimited armbands and will honor anybody's coupons.  Thier prices are  very budget friendly, and each game of laser tag averages a playing time of 15 minutes.   You can see more information about them at  They offer Birthday Parties and Group rates as well.

Star Tracks is a family entertainment center located on the main Parkway (2757 Parkway).  The facility offers the areas only 40 MPH go cart track and it is covered for rain or shine riding.  Conveniently located upstairs, just a short trip on the elevator, is a family arcade and laser tag arena (Produced by Delta Strike New Zealand).  One of the best things about the arcade is the "Play All Day" section.  The purchase of a $5.00 armband gives unlimited access to the action & adventure games as well as air hockey and the pool tables.  Ticket games are offered in the regular section of the arcade and great prizes are there to win as well. 

Overall, these places make great stops for young and old alike to just enjoy being a kid...whether you still are one or not. Enjoy Pigeon Forge!