This little locally-owned shop is a treasure tucked away from the hustle and bustle on Old Mill Street in the historic Old Mill Village area, just off the Parkway at traffic light # 7. The Smoky Mountain Cat House is for cat lovers for sure. Dog lovers now have a boutique room just for them. But unless you don't like cats or dogs at all, do go in and browse the merchandise and speak to the friendly owners, Cheryl or Phil. For cat lovers, it's a warm, fuzzy dream come true. A mix between artisan cat products and a cat sanctuary. Don't be surprised if you find a few kitties sunbathing or walking around to greet people, like Ms. Angel, Sheba Ann, or Cleopatra. They will talk to you, and tell you all the goings on of the shop. Merchandise offered is an ecliptic mix of handcrafted jewelry, crafts, art, toys, and pet supplies for cats and dogs.  A must see for pet owners.