As a small town in Tennessee settled more than 200 years ago, Pigeon Forge’s culture has had time develop into it’s own unique character. Steeped in Old Southern traditions, and blended with the modern aspects that have come to be associated with any tourist destination, Pigeon Forge is charismatic mixture of Southern hospitality and capitalistic welcoming. This charming combination offers what a lot of tourist destinations lack, and that is sincerity.

In a city of only some 5000 or so people, Pigeon Forge has truly forged their own identity out of the region. The oldest surviving business is 175 years old and still uses the same recipes passed down through generation after generation. This sort of attention to detail and respect for tradition are the hallmarks of this Smoky Mountains community’s culture.

Pigeon Forge is a predominantly Caucasian community stemming from the early European immigrant settlers who founded the area and continued to migrate there through the 19th century. These settlers brought with them their Christian religion which is still today the only religion with places of worship. Out of the five churches in the city, two are Baptist, two are Methodist, and the fifth is a nondenominational Christian Chapel.