Pigeon Forge is far and away an ideal summer retreat. Aside from not having a great deal of outdoor winter vacation attractions such as skiing and snowboarding, the sunniest days of the year are between April and October. However, there is a ski lodge about a half an hour from the city and the most ideal time to go there is from December and into early March when they’re receiving the majority of their snowfall. Many find the solitude and very small number of visitors makes the winter months a good time to visit the area.  Winter in the Smoky Mountain National Park can be wonderful and beautiful if not inaccessible following a snow event. While many of the unique shops in the area are closed or on reduced hours of operations the Christmas lights in display all over the city of Pigeon Forge alone make it a special time to visit the area. Year round sking is also available just minutes away in Gatlinburg at Ober Gatlinburg though during the off seasons it's done on artificial snow.

During the summer Pigeon Forge has beautiful weather, though more humid than the national average, and sunny skies. There are usually a few random weeks during the months of July and August with 90+ temperatures, but there are lots of beautiful spots along the rivers in the mountains within 15-20 minutes drive time of Pigeon Forge, and virtually every hotel has a pool. In August you can maximize your outdoor time since this is the summer month with the least amount of rain. With summer attractions such as white water rapid tours, hiking, golfing, water parks, go-carts, helicopter tours and much more, the summer time attraction of this Smoky Mountain town is undeniable.

Fall and spring in this part of Tennessee have temperatures that range from the high 30’s to the low 70’s, so if a trip is planned for this time of year it is recommended that cold weather wear be brought along. Rain coats and umbrellas are especially recommended as well for the spring as the rainfall can be cold and daunting. There are several weekend "rod runs" in the months of April/May and can make traffic an issue, so be sure and check the City of Pigeon Forge event schedule to see if that is something you need to consider. The bulk of  the 1,500+ varities of native wildflowers here bloom in the months of April and May and make this one of the best times to come for the nature lovers among us. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers free guided wildflower tours which are an absolute must for the flower fans out there. Also, the rates during the week at most of the hotels and rentals are still considerably lower than in the peak summer months.

The later half of October the area becomes mecca for those seeking to catch the sometimes breathtaking fall foiliage found in the nearby park.  Although sometimes the case in summer, hotel rooms usually become scarce and regretfully pricey during this time and therefore reservations are strongly encouraged.  Hiking the dozens of trails in the park during the fall is especially rewarding.