Hours: 10 to 19H., daily.



Bus Line 2, Buddhist Temple stop

Driving: Take Exit 217 from the A7 

Entry cost

Adults 10€

Over 65`s 7.50€

There are discount vouchers available resort too. 

The Butterfly Park is also known as the Mariposario. It is the biggest butterfly park in Europe, with 1500 butterflies on display. On display are more than 150 species. The lifespan of the butterflies is only 2 to 3 weeks, so they are constantly bred to fill the park. The park is kept at 80% humidity and a temperature of between 24-29ºC, the same as the original habitats of the butterflies. The butterflies come from America, Africa, and Australasia. Some of the countries they come from are the Philippines, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Belize and Kenya. The butterflies are bred and are not captured in the wild, so as not to harm nature. There are also moths and in the entrance hall the differences between butterflies and moths is explained. The entrance hall is situated in a beautiful Thai inspired building.

There are 2 Tortoise roaming free, a Wallaby (why 1?) and a variety of free flying finches. There are toilets, Gift shop and a cafeteria. Your ticket also allows you to leave and re-enter on the same day. 

Many of the butterfly species reproduce in the park itself, so besides butterflies one can observe all the stages of their fascinating biological cycle, as eggs and caterpillars, and other behavior such as their courtship flights and mating. One can observe many butterflies emerging from their cocoons. There are beautiful tropical plants and flowers in the park, as well as a waterfall and small bridges over the water.

Taking photographs is allowed, including flash photography. Much of the fun is taking photographs, which may be difficult if the butterflies are flying around. One needs to have some patience to catch the butterflies standing still. There are platters around the park that contain butterfly food, so this attracts the butterflies and one can take their picture there. The experience in the park is something out of the ordinary, and something very educational.

This is the entrance, in a Thai inspired building.



This is a decoration in the entrance hall.


The walls have explanations about butterflies and moths.


The park shows how butterflies are bred and one can see some coming out of their cocoons.


A small waterfall at one corner of the park.