Bil-Bil Castle is a Neo-Arab style building that Leon and Fernanda Hermann ordered built. The architect was Enrique Atencia and the building was finished in 1934. However the owners were never able to live in it because the Spanish Civil War started in 1936. Later an American bought it and lived in it with his family. His first name was William and he had a son with the same name. Since his nickname was Bill, the neighbors started calling the building Bil-Bil. The building was remodeled in the 1990’s.

The building is painted red and the exterior is decorated with attractive tile. There are gardens with fountains and there is a beautiful view of the beaches. The City Hall owns the building and it is used as a cultural center, with art exhibitions, conferences, concerts, and other cultural events. It is one of the favorite places for civil weddings on Saturdays.

The castle has a more romantic history. It was built by a Spanish merchant for his moorish bride who was pining for her homeland across the Mediterraen Sea. He reproduced a moorish house to make his bride feel at home. It is a beautiful example of a well to do Moorish house, complete with indoor courtyard, Fine plasterwork and a wonderful garden filled with fountains and running water . There are regular art exhibitions held there now. It isd situated on a headland with the waves crashing all around., looking across to her beloved North Africa.