Remains of civilization in Benalmadena date back to the Paleolithic period! Evidence of cave drawings is one of the ways we got this incredible information. What we have more evidence of however, is that the Muslims came around 710-11 A.D. and settled in the area in peaceful means. Settlements were small and modest, there was not much action during these times. 

 In the 11th century a large fortress went up to wall in the city and served as great protection. It remained under Muslim control until around the late 15th century when King Fernando who was at the time ruling Sicily and Naples, was getting restless about his territories. He demanded that the castle be overthrown and the thus the city declared his. After much struggle, he succeeded. Because of this, many people left the city and newcomers came in, Catholics.

It wasn't until around the 1950s that the area's beauty began to bring in tourists. Today luxurious resorts, condominiums, and yachts are everywhere to be found prospering from the beautiful sea and constant sunshine. But culture is preserved, notably in the Municipal Archeological Museum which has collections of Neolithic artifacts or the Benalmadena Exhibition Center.