This street (the word street doesn't do it justice) has everything that Salou is. From ornate buildings to the manufactured facade of McDonald's, from the Steakhouse to Jordi Mar. All along its length there is something for everyone and the fact that the ramblas on the beach side is tree lined lets you know you're abroad, even if the sun doesn't.

This is the place to be when visiting Salou, sit in Jordi Mar with a cold glass of Cerveca and watch the world go by, literally, the Germans, Dutch, British and Chinese and every other nationality will walk past the end of your table.

At the busy end of the street, you have the usual souvenir shops and the taxi rank on the beach side, as you get towards the far end (towards the old town, leading to the railway station) the quality increases. About halfway down, on the beach side you have the statue to St Jaime.

 Also on the beach side, there are the fountains, these have had a lot of money and time spent on them and at night they are illuminated, well worth a stroll in the dark.