Midland's nickname is "The Tall City".  It has some of the tallest buildings downtown between Fort Worth and El Paso. Even though it may have the skyline of a big city, it has the feel of a small to medium sized town, and has a population of about 100,000. Some people don't give Midland enough credit...it may not have all of the glamour or cutting edge attractions of larger cities, but it really is a pleasant place to live in and to visit.

One unique Midland attraction is a 3-screen drive-in theatre which is open year round. There are also two excellent community theatres: Midland Community Theatre and the Maverick Players. In downtown Midland, a favorite summertime show is the "Summer Mummers" variety show. The Midland/Odessa Symphony and Chorale are a professional orchestra in the region, and  new 2,000 seat concert hall/theatre is scheduled to be built between Midland and nearby Odessa in the next few years.

Museums in Midland include the Petroleum Museum, which offers a detailed historical picture of exploration and production of oil. The Petroleum Museum also includes a collection of Chaparral racecars. Near the downtown area, the Museum of the Southwest has an art museum, children's science museum, and planetarium on the grounds of an historic mansion.

Midland has a lot of great places to eat that really show off the culinary heritage of the region. There are many very good authentic Mexican restaurants along with Barbecues and steakhouses. Near downtown, there is an old-fashioned drugstore complete with soda fountain. Also there is a good selection of national chain restaurants, including a Cracker Barrel which is now being built and will open soon. 

A fairly warm, dry climate prevails in Midland. There is pleasant warm weather for outdoor activities from April through November, although the summer can be kind of hot. Even in wintertime, high temperatures are often in the 50's and 60's, though it can be cold at night. Humidity is low year-round, and there is not a large amount of rain.

Midland has a fairly complete variety of shopping...there is a shopping mall (Midland Park Mall) and plenty of shopping center choices, including many new stores moving into the area. There is a good number of antique and second-hand shops too.