The most unusual or charming or notable restaurants in Waco are: Siete Mares (a Mexican seafood restaurant frequented by the Washington Press Corps),  Diamondback's (southwestern, and a great wine list), Dub-L R at 18th and Herring for amazing old fashioned hamburgers, Elite Cafe for historic Waco atmosphere, Lake Brazos Steakhouse if you want to dine on the Brazos River, George's for chicken fried steak and the Big-O, a frosty mug of beer so big you can hardly hold it.

For the BEST breakfast burritos and queso in the entire state of Texas, try LOLITA'S on Franklin Avenue. El Potosino on 4th Street is a hole in the wall Mexican place with good food. Taqueria Arandas, at IH-35 and 18th Street, has good Mexican food, especially the kebabs (but they don't call them kebabs!)

A nice local coffee house is Common Grounds, near the Baylor campus. There are several Starbucks too.

Best view of the Suspension Bridge while dining is the restaurant inside the Hilton hotel.

Cricket's Grill is known for its 200 beers on tap. Also has good food, gourmet pizzas, pool, darts, etc.

Other restaurants:

Steaks: Texas Roadhouse

Barbecue: Uncle Dan's, but many swear by Michna's

Chinese/Asian buffet: Summer Palace