For a pleasant  scenic drive from Ogden, go East  about 12 miles into what is known as "Ogden Valley."  There, you find a shimmering man-made lake “Pineview” which forms a mirror for the mountains above. The valley floor has green fields and the three small communities of  Huntsville, Eden and Liberty.  The drive back described below gives you a twisty, hilly road that treats you to a view down all the way to The Great Salt Lake on a clear day.

From Ogden. Go East on 12th St E to Canyon Dr., State 39, to Pineview Reservoir.  At the dam, you can turn left on the dam and go North on 158 or circle the lake by going straight.

If you kept straight, follow 39 into Huntsville.  Where 39 makes a right, leave it and go straight on E 500 N, a/k/a State Rt 166.

Both drives, North at the dam or going around the lake, end up at N Hwy 162 (look for Eden P.O. on left).  Go NW on 162, past Nordic Valley Ski Area, and turn left in Liberty on 4100N.  Climb up into the foot hills on N Ogden Canyon Rd.  That continues on but is then called E3100N.  Look for N600W, go South and you are back in Ogden.

Marker on valley history

This all takes two to three hours, depending on whether you stop for ice cream.