Online, there are several sites that will help you plan your trip to Saint George:

For the official website of the St. George Area Convention and Tourism Bureau - visit or Follow them on Facebook -This website offers tons of information about Zion National Park and St. George. The site includes a weekly calendar of events and lists places like churches and community centers where the traveler can be helped. On site, you can visit their office at 1835 Convention center Drive or you can always call them at 1-800-869-6635.

- When accessing the City Government website at,  click on the tab named “ About St. George”. You will find information about weather, transportation, relocation advice, local attractions, history and geography.

- This site offers the top Things-To-Do in the St. George area and includes hundreds of photographs.   This page on the site shows large photographs with all of the top attractions labeled on the photos:

- At , you will find information about St. George’s historical sites and natural parks and trails. The site includes free travel brochures and itineraries, and maps of Southern Utah. You can also subscribe to the newsletter.

- St. George Chamber of Commerce can also provide you with useful information, specially if you are planning to relocate to the region or you want to open a business. Visit their website at: .