There are a few restaurants that aren't listed at all in the Brattleboro area.  They are the ones located on the Route 9 corridor going towards the Mount Snow region that deserve some recognition.   The New England House is one.  The Chelsea Royal Diner is another.  Both offer two different kinds of experiences and at moderate pricing.   Also located on Route 9 West is Sonny's Deli and the Vermont Country Deli.  Sonny's is more of a relaxed deli where if you are local and don't want to waste time and money on touristy chow you will feel right at home.  Great sandwiches, soups and coffee.  Simple and good.  The Vermont Country Deli is the good eats at a higher price but also a destination to stop for a while. 

But the two restaurants mentioned first deserve recognition especially when money is an issue.  You can have a great dining experience at either location.

The New England House has a diverse menu specializing in Fresh seafood,  Home Made Breads and Burger, Hand Cut Steaks and Fresh Salads.  The Burger Buns and Dinner rolls are made in house.  And they grind their own burger,  so not only is an inexpensive meal achievable but an excellent choice as well.  There are also early bird specials weekly including desert and drink for $10.95.

The Chelsea Royal Diner is exactly what you think of a diner as being, but the breakfast here trumps all.   Creative affordable breakfast here.  There will be a list of a dozen different breakfasts on the special board every day, and the staff is the perfect diner staff.  Your cup of coffee will never be half empty... but half full.  or full....    

These are two great restaurants right on the way up to the ski areas,  so hit them before you go up to the mountains and pay high mountain prices.