As an upscale resort town, Killington simply doesn’t have much crime. However, outdoor winter activities carry certain risks; luckily, you can reduce the chances of getting injured while skiing if you educate yourself about safety before your trip.

Snow produces hazards even before you get up to the slopes. The safest way of getting up Killington Peak is to take the shuttle bus, because the drivers are experienced and briefed every morning on road conditions. If you take your own car, be sure to check the weather report and the road report (usually posted in the lobby of your lodge or hotel). During the winter, the local road crews do a great job in keeping the roads clear. As long as you have good tires and drive cautiously, you'll be fine.

Ski safety is simple: don’t go off-trail or on trails of a difficulty greater than you’re prepared for. Killington’s ski routes are marked with signs that clearly designate the recommended skill level, so check for these before heading down an unknown path. Green is the easiest; next is blue; then black. Follow the rules of ski lifts and respect the space of other skiers. If you have young children, enroll them in a class or stay with them at all times.