Getting to Northfield without an Automobile is done in one of three ways. You can fly to BTV Burlington VT, take Amtrak to Montpelier Junction VT or take Greyhound to Montpelier VT.

From BTV you can catch one of four daily Greyhound buses which board outside the terminal. Take the bus to Montpelier bus stop. 

Both the Amtrak station and the Greyhound bus stop are about 10 miles from Northfield.  You will need to contact a local Cab & Car Service company to travel these last ten miles. 

Northfield is a little out of the way and challenging to get there. However Northfield is home to the Highly regarded Norwich University which began in 1819 as a private military college. Norwich is the oldest private military college in the USA and is on par or better than all other universities of its type in the USA.

Northfield is also home to four covered bridges.  On one road in Northfield Falls section of town you can visit three covered bridges within a 1/2 mile stretch of Cox Brook Road. It is the only place in the USA where you can stand on one covered bridge and see another one. The fourth covered bridge is a short distance away on the Slaughterhouse Road. This is a small yet very quaint Vermont town.