Getting around downtown Stowe is easy – you can walk just about anywhere, depending how close to the center of town you’re staying. And once you’re up at Mount Mansfield, getting around is even easier – there are ski lifts galore. The only dilemma a tourist without a car faces is how to get up to the mountain in the first place. Fortunately, there’s a convenient and reliable shuttle system, the Stowe Mountain Road Shuttle, which can take you up and down from morning until the slopes close at night. Click here for routes and schedules.

A more creative way of transporting yourself around Stowe is via gondola. The Gondola Skyride can take you almost all the way up Mansfield, and it's easy to hike to the summit from the dropoff point. The views are amazing, especially once you get above the clouds. The gondola runs from 9 to 5 every day from July to mid-October.

It’s also possible to bike around Stowe. The main streets are never very crowded, and with clearly marked routes, they’re very safe for bikers. If you come during the summer and bring a mountain bike, explore some of the trails at higher elevations. You’ll get to navigate some challenging routes and be rewarded with scenic views along the way.