Typical weather patterns in Hampton, VA fall someplace in between the cool temperatures of the Northeast and the warmer climate of the South.  During the winters, the temperatures in Hampton can get quite cold, with the thermometer plummeting below the freezing mark.  The average temperature during January and February in Hampton is in the 30's.  The region has also been known to get snow, but not at the levels that fall further north. 

The summer months in Hampton are quite warm, with spring arriving early and fall coming late,  During July and August the temperatures in Hampton can climb up over the 100 mark and typically average in the 90's. 

Hampton's rainfall tends to be heavier during the summer (July, August, September), averaging about 5 inches per month.  But this is only a slightly higher amount than what falls during the rest of the year.

Visitors generally come to Hampton during the summers to enjoy its beaches and warm-weather activities. 

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