Located as it is on the waterfront, one of Hampton's most popular sports activities is boating.  Many people who come to the city arrive by boat and many others choose boating in some form as a recreational activity during their visit.  The major focal point of Hampton's downtown area is its harbor, with hundreds of boats arriving and departing each day during the summer.  It is home to several marinas as well as to many charter services which will take you sailing or fishing.  The city also has a number of public piers that are open for use to visitors.  Those wanting to make use of these public piers should be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Charges for use of the public piers are $1.25 per foot, per night.
  • The piers can accomodate boats up to 125 feet
  • Electricity, showers, water and ground transport are available.
  • Internet service and fax machine are available in the business center

 For more information on Hampton's public boat slips visit Hampton's boating page.