In matter of museums, Lynchburg won't let you down. If you are interested in art, stop by Maier Museum of Art. The museum houses an impressive collection of American art spanning 19th and 20th centuries. Its permanent collection includes works by Irving Amen, Marion Boyd Allen, John Taylor Adams, John James Audubon, Andrew Wyeth, Allen Tucker, Robert Rauschenberg, and Georgia O'Kieffe among many other artists.

Located at the intersection of 9th and Court Streets, Lynchburg Museum takes the traveler to a trip through the city's history beginning with Monocan communities. Housed in the Old Court House, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions.

As the Union headquarters during the battle of Lynchburg, Sandusky Historic Site and Civil War Museum offers the traveler an insight into the American Civil War. Year round, the museum hosts many events and conferences related to the topic of the war. For details, check out the museum's website at

To know about the role of African American's in the city's history, stop by the Legacy Museum. Through its temporary exhibitions, know about the Civil Rights Movement, the political life, the arts, the civil and social orgnizations among many other aspects of African Americans in the region. This year's exhibitions include "The Rise of Jim Crow in Virginia" and the online exhibits "Black Education in Central Virginia, 1800-1922" and "African American Medicine and Health,1800-2000".

Daura Gallery Museum celebrates Pierre and Louise Blair Daura and Catalan-American artists. With more than 1,000 pieces that include paintings, sculptures and prints, the Museum works closely with Lynchburg College.

The World in Your Hands Globe Exhibit at 825 Main Street in Downtown Lynchburg features over 200 world globes spanning from the first American globe maker to current models.  The exhibit shares the 2000-year-old history of the globe and its function in an interactive manner, attracting both curious elementary students and distinguished collectors alike.  The exhibit contains everything from artifacts of the Space Age Era and the NASA Apollo Program to workshops for children to consultation for globe identification and authentication.